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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> supervisors thank you for entertaining our introduction to our request. i'm a site administrator a school administrator. i'm here today to ask you, please to listen to our community. we have preschools, school agesers and high school ask the
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who are served >> we work with well over a thousand ask the a month in 6 different primarily low income neighborhoods. we work in 3 different neighborhood and schools. and we work at other sites and the development center as well. we work with kindergarten
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through eight graders and special needs students both in school and out of school. those amazing youth are here where they learn leadership abilities as well they earn stipends as well. in 2008, 9 and we were fortunate enough to get our funding. we are not agriculture to do the job we do. as a teacher with a living library i've watched a lot of magic happen for a lot of kids in the city. they need to learn with their
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eyes and ears. they need to connect the dots so thank you very much for your time this morning >> i'm a parents with two children in this program and i would like you to reconsider our decision to cut the fund. i want to invite you to see the children and their joy when they're picking the flowers and making a meal from them. you need to ask users what the benefits are. i'm sure the benefits are minimal. because of this program they eat healthier. they get into the field of culinary arts and other fields. most of the children in this
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program do not have a yard. they figure out where the food comes from and it's wonderful to see the children's reaction when they see something they grew. it's wonderful to watch. remember children involved in positive activities are less likely to get involved in crime. think ahead and spend the money for positive learning now or pay the price later. thank you >>
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i can really express what i'm feeling. if i try to stay in the environment >> we have slowly jack
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hammered out the concrete and grown beautiful gardens that are part of the community and students lives and the communities lives as well. it's become a designation. they stop and pick what they can through the citizens and really enjoying the living library garden and obviously the students are topped. being outside it's one of they're only chances to get into nature and to feel free. all right. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you everyone. >> did you want to say something?
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>> our garden - >> nice work. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning. i'm here representing as a member of the amazon response team. the more we know about take care of ourselves in a disaster the safer we'll all be and the sooner the folks of san francisco will recover we thank you for the fire department and it's emergency preparedness program. >> good afternoon thank you for the opportunity to address
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this competent. i'm with the fire department responsive team or in the matter. live in district 5. the san francisco program has become a gold standard in emergency preparedness. accomplishment for which this city should be proud. today more than 2 hundred thousand volunteers had been trained. there is the classes are filling to capacity and there's a waiting list. thousands of folks participated in the drill. thousands of volunteers need to be retrained every 2 years ago. with you're continuing support this program can continue to be
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a critical component of san francisco see resilience in times of disasters thank you, thank you thank you very much. next speaker >> i represent south beach and representative the program which is mentioned and the disaster animal response team. it's the same concept it's aid and abet in the search for animals. and i'd appreciate it if both were considered >> we have a nice man in the wheelchair could you come up. thank you for your patience >> first i'd like - >> sir, if you could come -
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>> i'd like to thank giving me me this opportunity to be among you and just to share an idea about that. i didn't come to represent a special group or special people but i just came to further myself and people who share the problems just like me. i've been homeless for the last 2 years.
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i'm - the key is with the mayor. all the housing and waiting lists in san francisco are just a fake. i'm leasing so many but they say you're on the waiting list wait, wait, wait. the mayor is the hope and the key is with him. i'm coming now and then. i've been asking your assistance and she's downstairs and she says to coordinate. please save us 6 kids and my wife.
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i'm moving from shelter to shelter and now i'm being terminated they say no longer to come back i'm done. so, please give >> thank you very much sir. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm sylvia from the board of the san francisco opera and supervisors i'm here to ask you to support the mayors budget for the arts community. the opera is an international opera company and we bring visitor here from throughout the world and they stay in the hotels and eat in the most expensive radiance here in
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addition to that we have a full education department we have 16 teaching artists that go out into the schools. we have touched over a thousand school kids this year and we've had over 1 thousand and 50 something coming to our dress rehearsals mark your calendar for november 8th. it will be the high school night and we would love to have you there. and on july 7th we will have the best training program in the world. and not only that i will leave with you the schools that we were in last year and i hope to have the new schedule ready
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once. as soon as september and ask you to please attend the schools in your district. please support the arts. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hello, i'm a high school teacher in the unified san francisco district. i've been teaching 13 years and at the high school for 10 years that you are currently i'm leading a project with the theatre. and without this my ask the wouldn't have be able to graduate this year for it's the foundation of our curriculum is project learn. our students represent the south east community from the -
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our students are faced with adult challenges everyday. from the loss of family members to violence and incarceration poverty is a serious issue it compacts my students learning everyday. art engages young people to become part of the education project again, as they were compared. embarrassed. . my student works with ac t and
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paula has been working in photographer this strengthens their confidence & to accomplish almost anything >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi i live in the bay view hunters point. i've been a high school person over a year now. i didn't think i'd like science but college students and high school teams taught me how to teach science in a fun way. i learned part of the cal and
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teach other people about it in front of the large groups but the most important thing i've learned is i want to produce my education and become a youth you counselor and help others. so if it wasn't for me working there i wouldn't know what i wanted to do with my own life. thank you >> you thank you. i actually dissected a frog with my daughter. i'm a member of the tounldz hall. we help out 70 organizations to encourage your support for the arts. we would encourage i to support of the mayors budget proposal. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please
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>> hi i'm ron goldman. i want to thank you for your interest in the arts education and once again ask you to support of the mayors budget for arts funding. this funding enables and benefits programs as the san francisco symphonies. every single elementary students in grades one and every neighborhood of this city. so across the board everyone. also at the middle school and high school level. all the abandon and orchestra for the high schools receive support coaching instrument care. if you go to burton high school they have a drum line.
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they've been excepted with new drums. this is the first time for burton and the school and teachers tell us it's transforming their students. this funding is vital to keep the program alive thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please >> next speaker please. come on up. >> good morning. i'm donna. my role as allen organizer >> we have been successful getting improvements on the
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conditions as well as developing leadership so we can advocate for the rights and needs. today, i'm here to urge the board of supervisors to fund our program. where you may have heard the housing project this will help us to continue the work with the resident and insuring the residents to play a key role. we must fix the current system and for instance, repairs are not getting done. no residents are involved in the decision-making process etc. in order to make this happen we need to get residents assessing and using the system so we can get the system the residents want it to run.
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thank you for your time >> good afternoon. i'm patricia thomas. i'm a resident of the housing site at 79 pacific avenue. i serve on the board of the resident commission board. i would like to share my thoughts are - i also have a well-built resident association that is met - of course, this


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